So you would like to put a show on BCTV-2

We welcome and encourage program submissions from the community. As long as you are a resident of Waldo County or an organization based in Waldo County, you can be a presenter. Programs could have been created by you or by someone else that has given you permission to air the program. We do not charge for airtime. You will need to provide the show to us on DVD or as an .mpg file using the internet or a other storage media. There are some basic rules that you must follow in order to have your program air on the station.

1. You will need to submit a program request form, which puts the responsibility on you that the program you have provided to us conforms to our rules. If you are a minor, you will need a parent or guardian to sign the form.

2. Programs may not contain: advertisements, material that promotes a lottery, programs labeled as paid political announcements, copyrighted material, unless the presenter has written permission from the copyright holder. Libelous, slanderous material or material that is an invasion of privacy, material that violates state or federal laws relating to obscenity, material that violates federal �hate speech� laws. Any direct solicitation or appeal for funds, except as permitted by the BCTV advisory group, or any material that violates local, state or federal laws, political campaigning by individual candidates.

3. Potentially Objectionable Program Content: BCTV requires that producers provide notice to cable viewers in the event that their program contains potentially objectionable content. Potentially objectionable content includes, but is not limited to: profane language, nudity, sexual activity, physical violence or degradation, or graphic depiction of medical procedures. If the Program Director(s) believes that any program produced and submitted for airing on BCTV violates community standards, a decision as to whether to air the program will be made by our Advisory Group. If any program includes any of the aforementioned elements, a viewer advisory must be included immediately prior to the beginning of the program stating: "The following program contains material that some viewers may find objectionable or inappropriate." The viewer advisory must be displayed on screen for 15 seconds. Responsibility for including the viewer advisory rests with the program's producer or local Presenter. Programs with viewer advisories will be scheduled after 11:00 PM.

4. Scheduling Priorities: In scheduling programs on BCTV, first priority is given to programs produced within Waldo County. Second priority is given to programs that are produced elsewhere but have a sponsor within Waldo County.

5. Series Programs: Any presenter who submits programming on a regular basis, at least one program each month, will be granted a regular series time slot after three programs are submitted for cablecast in compliance with the provisions outlined in the Cablecast Request Form. A producer given a regular time slot must produce one new program per month to maintain the series slot.

6. Video Pickup: Videos submitted by users will be retained at BCTV's media storage area for a period of ninety (90) days following their last scheduled cablecast. Videos left in the access facility for longer than (90) days will become the property of BCTV.

7. Technical Standards Programs submitted for cablecast must meet BCTV technical standards. A list of technical standards is available at the access facility. In cases where BCTV finds that a video is technically unacceptable for cablecast, staff will return the video to the producer with advice on how the problem can be corrected or avoided in the future.